On Leadership

Standing Out in a Fierce Job Market

In today’s highly competitive job market, securing a prestigious position in local government can be a daunting task. With hundreds of applicants vying for limited

Council Recruitment Trends and Insights

The Local Government recruitment sector has endured unprecedented stress & evolution over the past three years. Not only due to the 2019 summer bushfires or

From Chief HR Officer to CEO

In my 30 years as an Executive Director, Non-Exec Director, CEO and Management Consultant, I have seen very few HR Directors ascend to the apex

Teamwork and Roles

An easy to understand example that BA like to use to explain the importance of teamwork and understanding each other’s roles, is that of the

Risk Taking and Leadership

In every organisation I have worked in, I have observed that, the best leaders are calculated risk takers. To be absolutely blunt, the ability to

The Value of Personality Testing

As an HR Director and an Executive ‘head-hunter, I value all of the tools in the recruitment professional’s armory. The CV or application form and